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Product Warranty

Warranties for products vary product by product. All warranties are provided by and serviced by the manufacturer of the corresponding product. Paintball Wholesalers INC does not provide any warranty service. Neither the manufacturer nor Paintball Wholesalers INC will be responsible for freight of items requiring warranty service.

*Buyer may be subject to shipping fees if return is needed.
No warranty on paintballs. Paintball Wholesalers INC inspects each and every lot of paint purchased to ensure the best quality product prior to shipping. Upon shipping the product, it is understood that many factors play a role in the quality of the product upon receipt. These factors include quality of handling and the climate that the paintballs are exposed to in transit. Specifically damaging to paint is cold weather exposure. Paintball Wholesalers INC. may choose to delay the release of product in order to minimize your risk of exposure to product damaged by the weather conditions that are beyond our control. Additionally be advised to plan for cold weather seasons and avoid having product in transit for more than one day when cold weather (temperatures below 40 degrees) is a factor.
Paintballs damaged in transit by either weather conditions or rough handling is the customers responsibility! Be sure to inspect the package when the product is delivered. If you need to file a claim for damaged goods with UPS be sure that you note the damage on the bill before you sign for the product.

Gun manufacturers warranties vary by manufacturer. All guns carried by Paintball Wholesalers INC., include a minimum 90 day factory warranty. Some, such as Tippmann Pneumatics and ACI, offer a warranty of 1 full year. Any warranty service required should be directed to the manufacturer.
Note: Much like tires on an automobile, o-rings, springs, and cup seals are generally not covered by any manufacturer and are considered consumable parts. Installation of aftermarket parts and unauthorized "airsmith" modifications may void your factory warranty. No refunds or credits will be issued for guns that have been used or modified in any way.