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Snap Shot

1. Learn the most comfortable position to hold your gun.
2. Learn accuracy while holding your gun in that position.
3. Learn to shoot left and right-handed.
4. When you think you're comfortable shooting with both hands, start shooting from behind a bunker.
5. When you're shooting from behind a bunker, use a variety of patterns. Use the right, left and top of the bunker. The less predictable you are the better.
6. Start coming out and shooting 5 shots, then snap back in behind the bunker. As you get the rhythm of it, narrow the number of shots you take and how long it takes for you to snap out, shoot, and snap back in behind the bunker. Your goal is to only give your opponent minimal time and opportunity to you when coming out.
7. When you feel you've mastered the speed of snap shooting, narrow the size of the bunker you're shooting from. Lay down and snap shoot, stand up and snap shoot, then kneel and snap shoot.

Reminder: No matter how much you shoot at a target, it's no substitute for acurately shooting in a real game. Targets don't shoot back. Practice this tactic on the field at all times.