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Scenario November 14, 2010 "Operation Thunder Ridge"

Date: November 14, 2010
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Thunder Ridge

A Kent Island Sea Monkeys Production

Hosted by PAP

An All Day Scenario

November 14th 2010

Sunday October 17,2010. Taliban extremists lay seige to Kabul International Airport killing 37 civilians and seize the faclilty for their own base of operations. As the Taliban continue to branch out inti the surrounding neighborhoods, the United States is forced to sit idle until the bureaucrats in Washington decide it is politically worth-while to strike out against the extremists. Reasons for such inaction have been cited anything from "lack of funding" to this whole war is Bush's fault anyway."


On Wednesday November 10, 2010: the Taliban forces encroach upon a Hilton hotel complex in Udkheyl that is home to 6 American journalists in country to report on the War on Terror. As the journalists are taken hostage, Washinton reacts by deploying the 3rd Freedom Force consisting of units from each branch of the military.

Seeing this is an opportunity to play both sides of this conflict, a Russian mercenary force deploys to the Pay Monar region just north of Kabul International Airport and secures its mountain peaks.


Sunday November 14th, 2010. US troops are ordered to move into Shirpur an area near Kabul International Airport to retake the city and eradicate the Taliban opposition and resue the American journalists.


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