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Basic Marker Technical FAQs

Paint breaking?
This could be a number of things from the FPS being to high, a burr on your bolt, out of time (autococker), or the paint is too cold or just to big for the barrel. Paint-to-barrel match is important!

My marker rattles off (or farts/burps) when I shoot it:
Most of the time it is the striker o-ring needing replacement. If not check your CO2 tank pressure. It could be low or the tank is going "liquid" because of cold temperatures. There are a couple of other problems with the sear or sear pin that could be the cause of the problem, but these are the most common..

My marker will not fire or release the sear:
Check the trigger assembly. There could be debris, such as part of an o-ring or paint shell stuck in there holding things up.

My bolt on my Spyder is scarred on the top left:
This is normal wear on the Spyder marker and should be expected.

Velocity is low:
First thing you should check is your CO2/air tank. Make sure that it is full and with CO2 you'll have make sure that the tank is warm. You may need a new velocity spring or just a spacer behind the spring.

Air is leaking out the back of the marker where you adjust the velocity:
Turn down the pressure, Mags will blow excess pressure out the back of the marker; check the piston o-ring.

First shot is hot:
Replace or clean the reg seat. Just a little dirt can cause big problems with this seat.

Marker leaks as soon as you air it up:
Check the power tube o-ring or the spacer inside the power tube.

Marker leaks when the trigger is held in:
On/off o-rings probably need to be replaced

When I shoot my marker it just makes a low pooping noise, not very much air comes out the barrel, paintballs just line up in the barrel:
Check your bolt. It is probably in upside down. This is a common mistake for new cocker owners. The hole should be on the bottom of the bolt so that air may travel up through it

Leaking near the front around the ram, 3-way, or the regulator:
This is probably a hose or a bard leaking. You may need to replace or trim your hoses.

Leaking out the barrel:
This could be the cup seal or the valve plug has come loose. Most custom cockers need to be cocked before you air them up because of the light spring behind the valve

Won't recock:
Check the cocking knob first to make sure that it is screwed in all the way. They will vibrate loose. Check that the sear spring hasn't fallen off (look inside the grips; it should be straight up and down inside the grips). If everything looks OK then you might need to have your hammer lug adjusted or the timing reset, For these I recommend going to an airsmith.