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Tips for your first visit to Paintball Adventures Park
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the field's basic safety rules.
  • Car keys, wallets, and other valuables should be left in a players car (keep the car unlocked if you do so), or secured in a player's pocket. It is very hard to find lost items in a huge woods field with thick brush everywhere.
  • If you park your car near the airball fields you should bring towels to clean it off at the end of the day. A lot of balls bounce off the bunkers and splatter cars parked nearby.
  • Bring extra clothes. You can always take layers off. Whether it gets cold suddenly, or it hurts a little too much when being hit, a player should be able to toss on an extra shirt or two.
  • Bring lots of water. Dehydration can greatly affect a players game. (There are vending machines at the field if you don't bring your own).
  • When you fill your hopper, don't overfill it. You should hear the balls rattle around a little. Otherwise they will be too tight and won't feed down the neck. properly.
  • Try not to put to much stock in what other players tell you about playing styles, gear, etc. Some players will tell you never to play back position, that it's boring and a front position is a lot more fun. The next person might say not to play front; you get shot too close and front players always get hit on the start of the game. Same for gear; one player could say never to buy an autococker while the next player will tell you that you have to have one. Listen to other player's opinions, but just remember that's their opinion and you might not necessarily think the same thing once you try it. Try out different markers, play different positions& find out what you like, and don't exclude something just because someone else told you to.

At Paintball Adventures Park you will find people of all ages and skill levels: first-time players, families playing together, and lots of tournament and non-tournament players looking for a day of fun and competitive play. Whether you've never played before, or you want to play against experienced tournament teams, you will find what you want at Paintball Adventures Park. Paintball Adventures Park has been said to be the best paintball field in Maryland by several reviewers.

You will have lots of places to set up your gear. There is a pavilion with several picnic tables underneath, and picnic tables outside the pavilion as well.

The service window is where you will go to pay your entrance fee, get CO2 filled, buy paint, or get your marker fixed. There are 4500psi and 3000psi compressed air fill stations. Your $15 entrance fee includes all-day air and/or CO2.

A selection of paint is always available at reasonable prices. This field is a Field Paint ONLY Field