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Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm (Safety Brief – 10:30)

Monday thru Friday- Private parties available by appointment only (Minimum 10 people)


*Weather Permitting

*All Cancelations Must Be 48 Hours in Advance

Paintball Adventure Park Is a FIELD PAINT ONLY FIELD (no outside paint allowed)

Initial Field Fee: $15.00 Includes all day play and air

Gun Package #1 Paintball marker, mask,compressed air tank, barrel cover; no paint.
$25.00 (includes rental, field fee, & all day air)

Gun Package #2  Paintball marker, mask, compressed air tank, barrel cover, 500 paintballs.
 $35.00 (includes rental, field fee, all day air, & 500 paintballs)

Party Package: Electronic marker, mask, filled CO2 tank, barrel cover, 300 paintballs per person, 2 hours of play, private ref just for your group and two large pizzas and two 2 liter sodas. YOU MUST HAVE 10 PEOPLE FOR THIS PACKAGE. This package is $30.00 per player.  Mimimum age 10 years old!!!     Appointment Only

Splat Master Party: MINIMUM OF 10 PLAYERS, Full equipment for 10 players, 2 hours of private group play, 2 large cheese pizzas and 2 two liter bottles of soda!!!! What is a Splat Master Low Impact Party??? Splat master paintball series marker were creative a way for younger kids to enjoy the sport of paintball in a slowed-down, more kid friendly environment . Designed for kids between the ages of 7-10 (and the braver 6 year olds and more timid 11 and 12 year olds), the splatmaster party package is a great way to introduce the younger kids to the sport of paintball. This package is $25.00 per player. Appointment Only